Updates to JAS Tech

So… in short JAS Tech looks cooler and is way more secure.

What we’ve done:

You may have noticed that the background has moving ‘particles’ this is because of a Cloudflare plugin I added, Click on the background and watch more spawn in.

In the footer, this badge is shown:
Website Malware Scan
If you can see it, Gravityscan says the site is safe and secure with no malware.

EDIT: Gravityscan is shutting down on March 8th, 2018 and they have since removed the badge from all websites, as long as the Hardenize badge is there and it had a lock beside the website URL the website is secure

I have also added Hardenize to check on our security and this is what the badge looks like…

We have also done some SSL tweaks to make our site as secure as ever.


What we’re planning:

We are also planning to do proper helpful blog posts on random tech topics but this won’t take effect until next year (2018).