How to compile and use Facebook Research’s Craftassist

UPDATE: These instructions are likely out-dated, and Facebook has made the instructions on their GitHub easier as well, please follow those before attempting mine.

Facebook Research set out to create a virtual assistant bot in Minecraft and since I made this video on Reddit people have asked how to set it up, and because Facebook’s instructions on their GitHub aren’t the best I decided to write my own.

Just testing with Facebook’s Minecraft AI from Minecraft

  1. Make sure to have some sort of a virtual Linux distro, I’m using WSL Ubuntu from the windows store.
  2. Clone the GitHub repo so type “git clone --recursive” into Ubuntu
  3. Update Ubuntu’s packages, “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
  4. Install all the right dependencies to compile, “sudo apt-get install cmake python3 python3-pip libgoogle-glog-dev libboost-all-dev libeigen3-dev gcc screen
  5. Install all the right dependencies for python to run the code, “pip3 install numpy sentry_sdk torch scipy word2number snowballstemmer python-Levenshtein ipdb spacy
  6. Change the current directory to craftassist, “cd craftassist
  7. Compile everything, “make
  8. Start the server “screen python3 ./python/” then detach from the screen session by pressing ‘Ctrl + A‘ and ‘Ctrl + D
    • You can list the screen sessions by typing “screen -list
    • You can resume a screen session by typing “screen -r [session number]
  9. Change the version of Minecraft to 1.12.x by following this guide
  10. Connect to your server by clicking in the Minecraft client Multiplayer > Direct Connect > localhost:25565
  11. Start the assistant “screen python3 ./python/craftassist/
    • The assistant should join the game and you can ask it to do random things.

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