How to compile and use Facebook Research’s Craftassist

10 months ago

UPDATE: These instructions are likely out-dated, and Facebook has made the instructions on their GitHub easier as well, please follow…

Intel XTU ‘Attempted to install on an unsupported platform’

I was recently wanting to mess around with the CPU clocks on my laptop which is a Surface Book 2…

12 months ago

How to install chrome plugins on Microsoft’s new Chromium based Edge

Microsoft just released the new generation of their Edge browser which was intended to be compatible with pre-existing Google Chrome…

1 year ago

Easiest way to connect your PS4 controller to your Windows Device

To all my fellow PS4 users who might feel a bit left out with how Xbox controllers can connect to…

1 year ago

How to get an Xbox One Controller to work with Google Earth Flight Simulator

Are you so bored that you decide that you want to play the Google Earth flight simulator but find out…

1 year ago

How to program a Wemos D1/ESP 12 over TTL Serial

I recently accidentally shorted one of my Wemos D1 minis and it would no longer be powered over 5v so…

2 years ago

The JAS Tech URL Shortener was closed

Our URL Shortener was closed due to spam. Sorry for any Inconvenience Caused.

2 years ago

Best Australian Hosting for your location

You should always have the nearest hosting for your target area so your customers can have fast load times. A…

2 years ago

How to use old Equipment with a Virtual Machine

I have an old slide scanner that only works with Windows 98 and I was wondering if I could use…

2 years ago

How to convert a Physical Disk to a VMware VMDK image

I was recently wanting to convert all of my old hard drives from old computers to VMDKs so that I…

3 years ago